The Lupton’s: family documentary

This family is simply awesome, beautiful and filled to the brim with life. Amy is one of those mothers that makes it ALL look so easy.  Yes, Amy, you really do.:)Lily four years old and Oliver 11 months old have the sweetest sister-brother relationship. I loved being able to go into this family’s home and document an everyday evening with the “Lupton’s”.  I enjoyed this session, this family, the intimacy, and the happiness and love these pictures portray. 

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Amy and BradOctober 12, 2012 - 6:41 PM

Thank you so much Mel for sharing your beautiful gift with us. Being in our home was priceless. The way you disappeared, and let us and the kids continue “living” was great (I literally only heard the camera sometimes). And then these images!! You captured the beauty that is US. Our dynamic, our love between each other. Being someone who loves pictures….you can tell when a photographer loves what they do, and when they are talented enough to see that love in others. Mel, you captured it. I will cherish these pictures always. Thank you again for the blessing that you are….and the gift that you share.

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